sobota 12. srpna 2017


Aithne decided to return. Because she had lost. I was always calling "Aithne" the creative, publishing and wise part of myself and it seems like she died.

She didn´t. On the contrary, she grew up,

It seems to me like when I write (althought I have only one - but very special - permanent reader :-)) ), my mind is more clear and there are more reasons why did I made the decision to write again. Just like now I can write in english (I also found out Aithne was murdered thanks to the fact, that my english is worse and worse) and

Aithne differs from me by knowing who she is. In every time. I wanna be that woman again. So I blog again and I would like to do that at least (damm!! would you believe I almost forgot words like these?) once a week. And I would like to be more naked, very honest, to go out on a limb. Because I think that this is what real Aithne is and it´s the only reason she is.

And - tadáá - *fanfare playing* - Aithne is finally going to COME UP and tell you, how to drop 40 kilograms (88 pounds). It will cost some handkerchiefs, but sometimes she knews she owes it :-)

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